Video 1: Side-lying treatment for the neck and upper back.

Pillar #1: Neck and Upper Back

Step-by-step instructions of Therapeutic Treatment Techniques and Rehabilitative Exercises for Neck and Upper Back Pain Patterns and Dysfunctions.

Each Pillar is approved for 10 credits by:

  • MTAA 10 credits each pillar
  • CMMOTA 10 credits each pillar
  • CRMTA 10 credits each pillar (approval coming soon)
  • NHPC credits: Self-evaluation practice integration form
  • Movement analysis of the neck
  • Trigger point and active release of the upper trapezius, levator scapulae, and rhomboids
  • Trigger point and active release of the scalenes, SCM, and longus colli
  • Posterior cervical, suboccipital, splenius capitis and cervicis release techniques
  • Atlanto-occipital release
  • Side-lying and supine treatment positioning
  • Pectoralis minor and first rib release
  • PNF and active stretching techniques
  • And much more...

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