Biz Tip 5:  5 Easy Ways to Sell Gift Certificates

Want an easy way to get more clients and make more money? Sell More Gift Certificates.
Try these 5 simple action steps and increase your income overnight.
  1. Special Promotions. What are the best times to sell G/C? When people are looking for something to buy. Make sure you promote your services before all those special days.....Xmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays.
  2. Ask your clients if they would like to purchase a Gift Certificate and display them everywhere. Sounds simple, right? But think about it. If you don’t make them available and ask people if they want one, chances are they won’t think of it for themselves. Display G/C at the front desk, on the treatment room doors, bathroom door, waiting room, or anywhere else your clientele hangs out.
  3. Offer your regular clients a discount on their next treatment if they buy a G/C. The more they purchase, the greater the discount you can offer them. Even if one of these new G/C user’s rebooks another treatment with you, it will more that pay for itself. They might even become a regular client too.
  4. Make it easy for your regular clients to give G/C’s to people they want to buy a present for.  Give your regular clients a few G/C blank copies, and only bill them when their G/C recipient calls to schedule an appointment to use it. This way, they know that the person they give it to is coming in for a massage. Everyone hates to spend money on a gift certificate if their not even sure if the person they give it to, is going to use it.
  5. Provide an online method to buy your G/C’s. Many of us are guilty of leaving things until the last moment. It’s pretty convenient for your buyers to just go to your website and print off a G/C at home and not have to come in to the office to buy one. The next time you look at your schedule and see too many appointment slots open, ask yourself if you’ve been proactive in building your clientele.

Try these 5 easy methods of selling more gift certificates and I promise, it will help you fill up your appointment book and even get new repeat clients.