Biz Tip 8: Top 10 Business Building Tips


Build a reputation, and your business builds itself. 

Building a successful business, is a calculated combination of many factors that complete your business-building package and make you stand-out from the rest. Building your reputation is all about consistency.

Top 10 Business-Building Tips

1.  No recordings please. During business hours, either answer the phones yourself or have a live person answer them for you. This can be hard to do, if you work alone, but you will convert a much higher percentage potential clients into paying costumers, if there is a real person answering the phone. This is especially true for first time clients.

2.  If You must leave a recording. IF YOU MUST use a recorded message, follow this rule. Book yourself enough time between appointments to return phone calls. Leave a message that indicates that you will return their call within 1 hour, and make sure you do it. Even if you are not able to reach your client, you can leave them a message and let them know when you have openings. If people can’t reach you when they need you, they will find someone else to help them, and they just may never return. Don’t take this risk.

3.  Be clean. Make sure your supplies and equipment as well as entryways, floors and bathrooms are spotless. Remember, you are in the health care industry and this means you must keep everything clean. This also includes insuring that your attire is clean and professional looking. Your uniform, really depends upon the environment you work in. If you work at a gym, it may be appropriate to wear work out clothing. If you work in a professional environment like a chiropractic office, then choose a more professional look.

4.  Customer service. Be diplomatic when dealing with others; make them happy that they spoke to you. Remember, the customer is always right. Be willing to say you’re sorry and find an immediate solution even if it was not your fault.

5.  Know where your marketing dollars are going.  Always ask how they heard of you (yellow pages, newspaper ads, facebook, website) and why they chose you over others in the  community. You must keep track of what is working for you and what isn’t. How else do you know where to spend your marketing dollars.

6.  Speak up. Communicate wherever you go about what you do. Tell everyone what you do, and why you do it. You never know where your next new client may be hiding.

7.  Get out of your treatment room and Sell. Make no mistake, you are in business, and you are selling yourself. Get out and speak to all the surrounding businesses in your area. Let them know you are close by, and you would love to help them, by providing a little pampering or stress relief whenever they can take a break from their responsibilities. This can be especially effective when you work in a downtown or central area where there are lots of people working everyday.

8.  Get out of your comfort zone. Be willing to accept a challenge and go the extra mile or do what you are not used to doing. Think of one thing right now that you have wanted to try, but have been afraid to. Take a moment and write it down right now. Now make a list of actions that you must take to make it happen. Now DO IT!

9.  Determination. When it comes to business opportunities, never take no for an answer and leave no stone unturned. Don’t be afraid to ask for an appointment to speak to the manager or owner to promote yourself and your services.

10.  Education and Training. Knowledge is Power and Applied Knowledge is Powerful. Knowledge is one of the most valuable and powerful assets to possess in one's career. It provides you with a foundation of confidence and competence from which to build a successful business.

When you stop learning you stop growing. When you stop growing you stop thriving. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.

The best therapists never stop learning. Be willing to take the time and make the investment in training to increase your knowledge for whatever you wish to succeed in. Sometimes things seem unreachable and impossible, but a little training opens doors that would otherwise have remained shut. Riches can lie beyond those presently closed doors.