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Learn how to “Talk to the Tissues”

20 December


TISSUE TALK:  Become a Massage Artist!

Master  the “Art & Science” of Effective Therapeutic Massage:

To effectively treat soft tissue adhesions in the human body, one must learn to “Talk to the Tissues.”

This involves a two-way communication between the therapist’s hands and the client’s tissues. Tissue Talk Guidelines: 

• Work with the body, not against it.

• Sneak” up on the tight tissues and “melt” into them.
• Slide slowly through the tissues, feeling for any restrictions. Sink into the adhesion at a 45 ° angle to release the tissue. 

• Work within your client’s pain tolerance, gradually increasing your treatment depth, as the body accommodates to the pressure (10 point pain scale).

• Work deeper and smarter, not harder.
• Make friends with the tissues, not enemies. Successful deep tissue work is not a
contest. You are creating a Win/Win Solution not a Win/Lose problem.
• Being aware the strain on your body will help you to decrease the strain in your
client’s body (take care of yourself first).

How Deep is Deep?
How much pressure should you use? The short answer is, as much as you need to elicit a softening in the tissues, but not so much that you bombard the sympathetic nervous system (“flight or fight response”), and cause the client to fight against you. Remember, it is their treatment, not yours.

When applying treatment, go in slowly and try to sense what the body needs and wants. Give the tissues and the person, time to accommodate to the discomfort, and sink in deeper as the client relaxes into the pressure.

Communication is the Key
Don’t forget to communicate with your client. They need to know that they are the one in control of the treatment, not you. Ask for feed- back and encourage an open dialog throughout the session. Give them permission to “moan and groan” if they need to, and allow them to guide you throughout the treatment.

 Don’t wait any longer to gain the skills you need to excel at your profession.






Theressa McKay (Lacombe)

All RMTs who understand the value of what you’re offering will be benefit greatly!  I have used the techniques that you teach, and they work wonders! If I were to hire any other RMT’s at the clinic, I would insist that they have certificates from your courses. That would ensure me that they are serious about their work and that they have been taught valuable massage techniques.

Sherri Scorah (Wetaskiwin)

I found the whole course to be exceptional. I really appreciate Cheryl’s knowledge and her willingness to share.

Tina Kobi (Tees)

Cheryl is a very approachable, knowledgeable, a highly skilled practitioner and an excellent teacher.
Joanna Romanuk (Sherwood Park)
It was so beneficial to learn from someone with so much experience. Thanks!
Gail Marie Code (Whitecourt)
Thank you so very much Cheryl. We are lucky to have you here so accessible to us. I got way more benefit from the seminar than I expected. Great value for the time and money spent.
Debbie Corbin (Edmonton)
I’ve been using the course material successfully on my clients… and they are happy with the results. Thanks again for your serious/humorous instruction style. I know I will be taking further classes with you.
Judith Dornan (Okotoks)
Very useful techniques with extremely practical treatments that can be incorporated straight into my practice.
Mariette Janisse (Calgary)
The course was well organized with lots of hands on learning opportunity. The time flew by and never felt rushed or that the information was too fast to grasp.