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Suboccipital Release

21 January



 One of the most common conditions that you will be presented with in your work as a massage therapists is headaches. Tension of the supoccipitals often leads to headache symptoms, and is usually associated with tension in the jaw musculature. 

This technique can be extremely effective in releasing the suboccipitals, if your patient can relax enough to “give” you their head, and  remain completely passive. The therapist provides a post with their thumb or fingers, and slowly lowers the head onto the post.

This technique is part of Seminar #3 Advanced Techniques for Neck & Upper Back.

This small triangle of tissues form the deepest layer of the upper posterior neck. They are involved in stabilizing the Axis (C-2) and the Atlas (C-1); and in creating intrinsic movements such as rocking and titling of the head.

  • origin –  spinous processes of  C-1 and C-2
  • insertion – C-1 transverse process and the occiput
  • Rectus capitis major and minor
  • Oblique capitis superior and inferior
  • Referred pain pattern radiates from the occiput, across the temple, towards the  orbit.

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Theressa McKay (Lacombe)

All RMTs who understand the value of what you’re offering will be benefit greatly!  I have used the techniques that you teach, and they work wonders! If I were to hire any other RMT’s at the clinic, I would insist that they have certificates from your courses. That would ensure me that they are serious about their work and that they have been taught valuable massage techniques.


Lara Tremblay (Spruce Grove, AB) 

Thanks again! I will definitely be coming back to take more of your classes! My clients love the results of the techniques you taught to me! (although not the process!!) I found the neck and shoulders class to be a remarkable, fun, and informative weekend.  The class was very well structured including both the anatomy of what tissues we were treating and the time to try the techniques on each other in a practical setting. Cheryl was an awesome instructor, friendly knowledgeable, and to the point with her information. Since finishing the course my clients have noticed amazing results from the techniques I now use.  I would recommend this class to any therapist looking to expand their education and improve on their own techniques.

Joanna Romanuk (Sherwood Park)

It was so beneficial to learn from someone with so much experience. Thanks!
Gail Marie Code (Whitecourt)
Thank you so very much Cheryl. We are lucky to have you here so accessible to us. I got way more benefit from the seminar than I expected. Great value for the time and money spent.
Debbie Corbin (Edmonton)
I’ve been using the course material successfully on my clients… and they are happy with the results. Thanks again for your serious/humorous instruction style. I know I will be taking further classes with you.
Judith Dornan (Okotoks)
Very useful techniques with extremely practical treatments that can be incorporated straight into my practice.
Mariette Janisse (Calgary)
The course was well organized with lots of hands on learning opportunity. The time flew by and never felt rushed or that the information was too fast to grasp.