Low Back / Hip


This 2 day, hands-on workshop, will guide you through a series of therapeutic techniques that can be immediately incorporated into your existing treatment protocol. Particular attention will be given to the treatment of the iliopsoas complex and the QL’s,. Lengthening the hip flexors, and correcting pelvic imbalances, is vital to the successful treatment of many chronic lower back pain patterns and dysfunctions.

Professional Development Credits: MTAA 16 Primary; NHPC 10; RMTA 12.

In this workshop the therapist will learn:

  • An integrative treatment approach that employs a variety of therapeutic protocols designed to successfully address common lower back and hip pain and dysfunction.
  • How to perform a movement analysis of the hip and apply PNF stretching.
  • Assessment and correction of common structural imbalances of the pelvis.

Therapeutic treatment techniques for:

  • Thoraco-lumbar fascia
  • QL’s and spinal erectors
  • Sacral ligaments
  • Iliopsoas Complex
  • Piriformis, gluteus minimus and medius,
  • TFL and IT band
  • Hamstrings
  • Rehab stretching and strengthening

Attend this Perfect Balance Workshops if you want to:

  • Become more proficient at effectively treating lower back and hip pain and dysfunction.
  • Enhance your existing treatment protocols with therapeutic techniques that can be immediately incorporated into your practice.
  • Receive 1-on-1 instruction in a small class setting from an experienced therapist and teacher.
  • Develop your therapeutic skills, and create greater client satisfaction, retention and referrals.
  • Increase your earning potential as a Massage Therapy Professional.

 What will I need?

  • Clean footwear. Outside shoes must be left at the door.
  • Treatment table, pillow, sheets and towel. 
  • Extra face covers for the face cradle.
  • Adjustable height stool if you have one.
  • Small bottle of lubricant.
  • Dress comfortably in stretchy active wear. Bring shorts if you want. Also, dress in layers so you are prepared for varying room temperatures.
  • Short fingernails.
  • Your happy shiny face, and your desire to learn and grow.


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 Regular Pricing: $497.00


 Don’t wait any longer to gain the skills you need to excel at your profession.




Theressa Lenarduzzi (Lacombe) I’m attending an Advanced Lower Back and Pelvic Course this weekend with Cheryl Stephenson. If you have not taken her courses, they are a MUST HAVE! Packed full of valuable information, key techniques and treatments, and she is an excellent instructor! Wow–I had taken her courses 4 years ago and now I am taking a refresher series. If you are a serious RMT, contact Cheryl for information about her courses and also the online training called Tissue Talk. You are missing out if you don’t! Thanks Cheryl!

Mandie McLeary (Cochrane)  Thank you so much for an action packed weekend! I feel like I’m looking through new eyes and I feel so much more confident in my profession. I can’t wait to attend the next seminar.

Joanna Romanuk (Sherwood Park) It was so beneficial to learn from someone with so much experience. Thanks!

Judith Dornan (Okotoks) Very useful techniques with extremely practical treatments that can be incorporated straight into my practice.

Mariette Janisse (Calgary) The course was well organized with lots of hands on learning opportunity. The time flew by and never felt rushed or that the information was too fast to grasp.