Video 2: Active Release for the Infraspinatus.

Pillar #2: Shoulder/Rotator Cuff

Step-by-step instructions of Therapeutic Treatment Techniques and Rehabilitative Exercises for Shoulder Complex Dysfunctions and Pain Patterns.

Each Pillar is approved for 10 credits. 

  •  MTAA 10 credits per pillar (30 total)
  • CCMOTA 10 credits per pillar (30 total)
  • CRMTA approval coming soon
  • NHPC credits: Self-evaluation practice integration form
  • Assessment of the shoulder complex
  • Scapular imbalances
  • Trigger point and active release of the rotator cuff complex
  • Release techniques for the pectoralis major, pec minor and bicep tendon
  • First rib release
  • Latissimus dorsi and teres major release
  • Rehabilitative stretching and strengthening program
  • And much more...

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