Tip 4 Keys to Successful Client Retention

Keys to Successful Client Retention

Simply put...Regular repeat business comes from retaining clients. If someone is coming to see you again and again, they are spending money again and again. Also, if your clients are coming back to you repeatedly, getting the care and treatment they need, they are likely feeling better and seeing improvements in their wellness and will keep on coming.

Here a few keys for successful client retention for your business.

  1. Go after the correct clients.  Attracting the clients who are best suited to your style of work, pricing, location, etc., are more likely to come back than those who are not a good fit for your practice.
  2. Offer the right service or treatment at the right time. Asking good questions and listening to what clients are truly asking for is vital to providing care that is suitable for them in that moment. Simply put, if someone comes to you because they want relief for a stiff neck, work on their neck.
  3. Go beyond offering a service. Create an experience.  People want and expect you to offer them a solution to their problems. That means they want to feel taken care of. This may mean a full body relaxation massage for someone who is stressed out, or a specific therapeutic treatment for someone who has a specific issue. No matter what the problem, your client wants a seamless, trouble-free, enjoyable experience from the telephone to the table until they are floating out the door.
  4. Invite all clients to return. If you don’t invite them to return, or ask them to reschedule with you, they may not think about doing it on their own. Ask every client if they would like to rebook before they leave your office. Seems simple enough, right?  But think about it, .....how many times have you forgotten to perform this simple step for your business?

Get 3 Yes Responses at the end of every treatment.

  • By asking the right questions at the end of the treatment you will improve your client retention immensely. Following are examples of the types of questions you should be asking:

Question #1 

Do you feel like you can stand up straighter now?

Is it easier to turn your head now?

Does the pain in your shoulder feel less intense?

Question #2 

Do you see how this type of treatment will help to relieve your stiffness and help you feel better?

My recommendation for optimal results is 60 minutes once per week for 4 weeks, then we can start spacing out your treatment sessions.

Question #3

When can we schedule your next treatment so we can get you on the road to better health?

What is a good time for you to schedule your next appointment?

I have........ time available, does that work for you?