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Scapular Drag

20 January



This is one of several technique utilized to mobilize the scapula. Adequate scapular movement is necessary for proper shoulder range of motion. This technique can be found in Seminar #4 Advanced Techniques for Shoulder/Rotator Cuff.

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Kathryn Enns (Nanton, AB)

I am looking forward to more of your seminars.  I had a great time and have used some of the shoulder/rotator cuff work on some of my clients with shoulder injuries and chronic use issues.  GREAT feedback!!  I have a client that had been suffering for several years and for the past 8 months unable to sleep without waking to take pain medications.  3 sessions and is now nearly pain free and no longer taking pain meds.  I am grateful that you do what you do and I can learn from you. 


Rhonda Beattie  (Calgary, AB)  

I had a great time in your course and learned new things and was reminded about some things I had forgotten, thank you for that!  My clients thought I worked wonders on their shoulders before, but now think I am a miracle worker.  I have been treating subscap all this week and doing PNF stretches on the pecs and my clients are noticing a big difference from when they walked in to when they walked out and are quick to schedule their next appointment.  

Tina Kobi (Tees)

Cheryl is a very approachable, knowledgeable, a highly skilled practitioner and an excellent teacher.

Joanna Romanuk (Sherwood Park)
It was so beneficial to learn from someone with so much experience. Thanks!
Gail Marie Code (Whitecourt)
Thank you so very much Cheryl. We are lucky to have you here so accessible to us. I got way more benefit from the seminar than I expected. Great value for the time and money spent.
Debbie Corbin (Edmonton)
I’ve been using the course material successfully on my clients… and they are happy with the results. Thanks again for your serious/humorous instruction style. I know I will be taking further classes with you.
Judith Dornan (Okotoks)
Very useful techniques with extremely practical treatments that can be incorporated straight into my practice.
Mariette Janisse (Calgary)
The course was well organized with lots of hands on learning opportunity. The time flew by and never felt rushed or that the information was too fast to grasp.