Neck / Upper Back


This 2 day, hands-on workshop, will guide you through a series of therapeutic techniques that can be immediately incorporated into your existing treatment protocol. Particular attention will be given to side-lying treatment techniques. This positioning opens up the entire angle of the neck and gives you complete access to the cervical muscles, as well as the upper back and chest regions. It also puts less strain on your body, and it’s easier for your client to stay relaxed.

Professional Development Credits: MTAA 16 Primary; NHPC 10; RMTA 12

In this workshop the therapist will learn:

An integrative treatment approach that employs a variety of therapeutic protocols designed to successfully address common cervical and upper back pain patterns and dysfunctions.

  • Movement analysis of the neck
  • Common pathologies involved in neck pain
  • Contraindications to treatment

Therapeutic treatment techniques for:

  • Upper trapezius, levator scapulae, and rhomboids
  • Scalenes, SCM, and longus colli
  • Posterior cervicals, suboccipitals, splenius capitis and cervicis
  • Atlanto-occipital release
  • Pectoralis minor and first rib release
  • Rehab stretching and strengthening

 Attend this Perfect Balance Workshops if you want to:

  • Become more proficient at effectively treating neck and upper back pain and dysfunction.
  • Enhance your existing treatment protocols with therapeutic techniques that can be immediately incorporated into your practice.
  • Receive 1-on-1 instruction in a small class setting from an experienced therapist and teacher.
  • Develop your therapeutic skills, and create greater client satisfaction, retention and referrals.
  • Increase your earning potential as a Massage Therapy Professional.

What will I need?

  • Clean footwear. Outside shoes must be left at the door.
  • Treatment table, pillow, sheets and towel. 
  • Extra face covers for the face cradle.
  • Adjustable height stool if you have one.
  • Small bottle of lubricant.
  • Dress comfortably in stretchy active wear. Bring shorts if you want. Also, dress in layers so you are prepared for varying room temperatures.
  • Short fingernails.
  • Your happy shiny face, and your desire to learn and grow.

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Regular Seminar Pricing: $497.00

 Don’t wait any longer to gain the skills you need to excel at your profession.




Janine Boisvert (Cadogan)  I just wanted to let you know that I always get compliments when I put a client in side lying position. As they feel the difference too! One lady said to me “in the 20years of getting massages I have never been put on my side and it just opens things up” and she has been a repeat client!!  So I THANK YOU, for your wonderful teaching skills and I can’t wait for when you get the new course dates posted because I will definitely be there:).

Nora Grinde (Wetaskiwin) Hey Cheryl! Very first appointment after the workshop, my client c/o headaches for the past 2 weeks and they were getting worse. She was pretty miserable/grumpy when she came in. Spent the hour working her neck and towards the end she started getting cheerful. When we were done, her headache was gone, she was happy and she said her brain didn’t feel foggy anymore. Kudos to your workshop!!

Theressa McKay (Lacombe) All RMTs who understand the value of what you’re offering will be benefit greatly! I have used the techniques that you teach, and they work wonders! If I were to hire any other RMT’s at the clinic, I would insist that they have certificates from your courses. That would ensure me that they are serious about their work and that they have been taught valuable massage techniques.

Mandie McLeary (Cochrane)  Thank you so much for an action packed weekend! I feel like I’m looking through new eyes and I feel so much more confident in my profession. I can’t wait to attend the next seminar.