What others are saying about Perfect Balance Seminars:

Theressa McKay

All RMTs who understand the value of what you’re offering will be benefit greatly! I have used the techniques that you teach, and they work wonders! If I were to hire any other RMT’s at the clinic, I would insist that they have certificates from your courses. That would ensure me that they are serious about their work and that they have been taught valuable massage techniques.

Mandie McLeary

Thank you so much for an action packed weekend! I feel like I’m looking through new eyes and I feel so much more confident in my profession. I can’t wait to attend the next seminar.

Tamara Leduc

I really enjoyed discovering MET. I think it will become incredibly valuable with practice and become the foundation for my future practice. Thanks again for a great weekend. I don’t often have the time to get away from my family for 3 days, so when I do I have high expectations of my learning experiences. You surpassed this and I am grateful!

Evgeni Doulev

(Yellowknife, NWT)
I used the pelvic and lumbar corrections we learned in class on my wife, who was complaining of back pain. After two days, she did not complain anymore. Patients can really benefit with these techniques and get noticeably better. Keep up the fabulous work.

Vanessa Joosten

This is the kind of course I’ve been looking for, for a while. It challenged me and added valuable techniques that I can use in my therapeutic practice.

Jason Traxler

This course really helps drive home the message to search out and correct the problem rather than to treat only the symptom! And actually teaches you how!

Jodi Millard

(Red Deer)
I would highly recommend Perfect Balance Seminars to everyone. I walked away with a ton of information that I know will be put to good use in the clinic. Loved it!

Sherri Scorah

I found the whole course to be exceptional. I really appreciate Cheryl’s knowledge and her willingness to share.

Tina Kobi

Cheryl is a very approachable, knowledgeable, a highly skilled practitioner and an excellent teacher.

Joanna Romanuk

(Sherwood Park)
It was so beneficial to learn from someone with so much experience. Thanks!

Gail Marie Code

Thank you so very much Cheryl. We are lucky to have you here so accessible to us. I got way more benefit from the seminar than I expected. Great value for the time and money spent.

Debbie Corbin

I’ve been using the course material successfully on my clients … and they are happy with the results. Thanks again for your serious/humorous instruction style. I know I will be taking further classes with you.

Sabrina Taylor

Cheryl’s seminar was fun, informative, and just all around awesome! I’m looking forward to doing more seminars with you.

Judith Dornan

Very useful techniques with extremely practical treatments that can be incorporated straight into my practice.

Kathryn Eveson

Thanks for such a good seminar. You are teaching how to work and do treatments that make it easier on our bodies and hands to get better results for our clients. The one-on-one guidance and hands-on training is very valuable to me.

Mariette Janisse

The course was well organized with lots of hands on learning opportunity. The time flew by and never felt rushed or that the information was too fast to grasp.

Billie-Jo Wickhorst

Cheryl’s knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology is something I wish my full-time instructors in massage school would have provided.

Jacqui Reneberg

(Grande Prairie)
You had great content Cheryl. You are confident and you know your stuff. I walked away with new techniques that I know will work.
The manual will be a good reference to use in the clinic and I won’t have to second guess myself.

Barrie-Ann Schmidt

The value I got from the seminar far surpassed my expectations. The most informative seminar I’ve ever experienced, including in my massage school training.

Katherine Bistriz

(Langley, B.C.)
The manual was very helpful, and it would also be great to have it before the seminar to prepare for, and review the content.
What students are saying about Tissue Talk:

Mandie McLeary

I’m loving tissue talk! I am so thrilled to have the wealth of information and direction at my fingertips, to re-fresh my memory and teach me some new tricks of the trade to keep my patients impressed!

Natasha Leischner

I have been enjoying Tissue Talk the past year and LOVE IT!! It is a valuable tool for my Massage Therapy Business. I love that I can just go to the site, refresh an old technique and also learn new skills every month. The teaching is very clear and precise. Cheryl really knows her stuff! Another favorite is that I get to go to one of Cheryl’s amazing seminars for free with my membership to Tissue Talk (which is also a business write-off) It’s a win-win people! You keep your skills up to date and see an instructor every week on your computer, teaching you something new for your business. Thank You Cheryl- I can’t wait for my next videos and seminar!

Beverly Hall

(Red Deer)
I am quite happy with the subscription. The video content is informative, clearly explained and demonstrated. I really appreciate that the videos are archived so that I can continue to look back at them. I tell all my colleagues about your site, it is great having the videos at my fingertips whenever I need to re-reference them!!

Barbara Faust

( Valemount B.C.)
I just wanted to say thank you for the free videos. They are inspiring, educational and motivating. Last week I became a Tissue Talk member – awesome offer. Thanks a lot and looking forward to many great things to learn.

Deb Rowland

(Red Deer)
I really enjoyed what I have seen so far. I know I am just missing bits and pieces of info/techniques and having the visual so detailed like you are providing is exactly what I am looking for. And you are so thorough. I am glad I joined.

Holly Skinner

I love Tissue Talk! Having access to the technique videos is almost as good as being at one of the seminars.