• Shoulder/Rotator Cuff 2-Day Seminar

    The shoulder can be a very challenging joint to treat because it is designed to have maximum movement potential, and relatively little stability. Particular attention will be given to a movement analysis that determines the areas of primary restriction, and a treatment protocol that is designed to restore mobility and decrease pain.

  • Neck and Upper Back 2-Day Seminar

    Particular attention will be given to side-lying treatment techniques. This positioning opens up the entire angle of the neck and gives you complete access to the cervical muscles, as well as the upper back and chest regions. It also puts less strain on your body, and it’s easier for your client to stay relaxed.

  • Lower Back and Hip 2-Day Seminar

    Particular attention will be given to the treatment of the iliopsoas complex and the QL’s,. Lengthening the hip flexors, and correcting pelvic imbalances, is vital to the successful treatment of many chronic lower back pain patterns and dysfunctions.


What our valued clients are saying about us

  • I feel truly blessed to have found you and your seminars. I'm so excited whenever I can come and witness the true massage genius that you are! Your techniques have absolutely given me the skill I need to truly assist my clients, and for that I am forever grateful! I will always refer people to you, and as I grow my business, will make continuing education with Perfect Balance mandatory for all my staff!

    Mandie McLeary (Cochrane, AB)
  • I use the techniques that you teach, and they work wonders! I now insist that any new therapists I hire, obtain certificates from your courses. This will ensure that they are serious about their work, and they have been taught the skills they need to be successful therapists.

    Theressa McKay (Lacombe)
  • I will definitely be attending another workshop. My clients love the results of the techniques you taught to me. I found the neck and shoulder class to be a remarkable, fun, and informative weekend. Cheryl is an awesome instructor, friendly, knowledgeable, and to the point with her information. Since finishing the course, my clients have noticed amazing results from the techniques I now use.

    Lara Tremblay (Spruce Grove, AB)